Tips for Finding the Right Laundry Service Provider

Modern times offer all sorts of solutions thanks to technology. There are even solutions for problems that you didn’t think existed! But let us focus on the problem that some people tolerate because it’s something that needs to be done– laundry.

The only places where you can find happy people doing laundry are commercials and laundry shops with passionate professionals. A busy person who works or studies five to six days a week or a mother balancing work and chores would not be so enthusiastic about finding a pile of dirty clothes to wash and fold.

Professional Laundry Cleaning to the Rescue

Although you cannot escape your laundry, you now have a choice of how to go about it! You can go to a laundromat so that you can just simply toss your clothes into the washing machine and/or dryer and watch your stuff for an hour or more. Although machines will help you speed up the process, you still need to iron and fold your laundry yourself. Plus, waiting in the laundromat is not time-efficient if you need to be somewhere else. 

The next option may be more appealing to busy people since it involves minimal participation. You can always look for a laundry cleaning service provider who offers pickup services. For instance, SpinXpress has an app where you can book them to pick up your dirty laundry and take care of washing, drying, and folding them for you.

Finding YOUR Laundry Service Provider

Depending on your location you may or may not have a lot of service provider options. Either way, you want to find the right laundry cleaning service provider to make sure that your laundry is in good hands.

Here are some tips on how to find the right laundry service provider for you:

Get to know your options.

Of course, you need to do some research to ensure a great experience. You do not want to work with a laundry service provider expecting great results but end up finding that the stain on that one shirt is not entirely removed or that they accidentally left a red sock with your white clothes. 

You want to know which one is the closest, which one meets the price point you are comfortable with, and which one has great reviews.

Find out how your laundry will be treated and packaged for delivery.

In the olden days, laundry services only needed to clean clothes as fast as possible at the most affordable price possible. So your set of standards may be fixated on the expectations of clean clothes. 

However, you also need to set a standard for the type of customization a laundry service provides, and how they package and handle your laundry during delivery.

You want to know if your laundry service provider of your choice offers the right kind of customizations. For instance, if you are allergic to some detergents or if you do not like a particular brand of softener, or if some of your clothes need a certain kind of care– would the laundry shop be able to accommodate your requests?

Aside from that, you also want to know how a laundry service provider packages and handles your laundry during the delivery. You are expecting clean, neatly folded laundry when the service provider delivers them back to you. You can check reviews online or see for yourself– by testing the waters, you can get firsthand experience whether they can deliver your clothes wrinkle-free or not.

Check the average turnaround time.

You may want to be around when your laundry service provider picks up or delivers your freshly cleaned items– so you want to check how fast or slow the turnaround time is for the laundry shop of your choice. 

Some places can offer same-day services, while others can ask for up to three days. But keep in mind that greatness takes time– so you should choose a service provider with experienced laundry professionals if you want fast turnarounds.

Make sure that they offer transparent pricing.

Although it is frowned upon in any service, product, and industry– some service providers still have confusing pricing and hidden charges. You want to avoid being ambushed by things that you did not know they charge.

Wash and fold laundry services are usually priced by the pound. This means you can expect prices to vary from a dollar per pound to a few dollars per pound. Pricing may peak on weekends for some service providers. Sometimes you would have no idea what you will be paying until your clothes are returned.

Unlike typical laundry service providers, SpinXpress offers a flat rate for wash-and-fold services which makes them predictable and affordable. You no longer need to worry about varying prices per pound pricing.

SpinXpress offers their services for the affordable price of $25 a bag and a $40 service for one bag of laundry for wash-and-fold laundry. You can fill up your bag as much as you like and you would still get the same flat-rate price.

If your items need to be dry cleaned or pressed, then note that the services will be priced per piece. But fret not! All prices are clearly marked– SpinXpress does not believe in hidden charges.

The best part of it is that delivery is always FREE!


Laundry is a physically taxing chore that people rarely enjoy. But you do not need to feel frustrated about having to do them anymore. All you have to do is to find the right laundry service provider. The tips above can help you find THE ONE. But in the meantime, you can check out SpinXpress and book your first pick-up!

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