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Laundromat Tips for Removing Permanent Marker Stains from Fabric

Laundromat Tips Removing Permanent Marker from Fabric

Many people have encountered the problem of permanent marker stains at least once! Whether it’s due to the children playing with the marker or an office accident, this is a problem that many individuals face. However, not knowing how to prevent permanent marker stains might rapidly ruin a beautiful piece of fabric.

Although it may feel like the end of the world because of how hard to get marker stains out, it is not as bad as you think. There are a variety of ways for removing permanent marker stains which do not involve an apocalypse by any means.

The good news is that if you have these household products at home, you can get permanent ink off of clothing with ease: baking soda, rubbing alcohol, hair spray, hand sanitizer, lemon juice, and toothpaste.

You can get rid of those harsh stains with a little perseverance and effort.

How to Get Rid of Permanent Marker Stains from Clothes

Permanent marker stains can cause serious spots on the fabric. It’s one of the more difficult stains, and getting rid of it permanently from clothing might take some effort. There are, however, a few simple approaches that will work for most.

Method 1: Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a great way to get rid of permanent marker stains. It’s commonly used for wounds and scuffs, but it’s also an excellent method for getting rid of Sharpie smears.

However, in this situation, you must use rubbing alcohol very cautiously because fabric quality varies.

To use on fabric, first, fold a paper towel twice and place it beneath the cloth. It will serve as support. Soak a clean cloth or cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and apply it to the marker stain, if necessary. Change the towel as needed.

Turn the fabric inside out and place it over a new folded paper towel. Continue rubbing with rubbing alcohol with the cotton ball on the other side.

Take a washcloth and cover it in laundry detergent or liquid dish soap. Then continue to massage the ink mark. If the paper towel becomes too wet, replace it with another one as necessary.

Continue to rub until the discoloration is gone. Similarly, stains on your clothing may be removed using this technique.

Method 2: Baking Soda

Baking soda, too, is stuff that every house has on hand. It’s been used as a household cleaner for years. It has the ability to act like alkaline and therefore remove any sort of stubborn stain. As a result, it also removes marker stain from walls effectively.

The only way to get Sharpie off clothing is to blot out the ink with a paper towel. Try to remove as much ink as possible. In this stage, you might need to use a few paper towels.

Take a small amount of baking soda and sprinkle it over the stain. Then use a brush to softly sweep over the stain in a circular motion, dissolving it while removing Sharpie ink cleanly. Rub more gently on delicate fabrics for a better result.

Allow it to dry for a few minutes, then wipe it down with paper towels. It can also be vacuumed out.

After that, use a towel underneath to spray an equal amount of water and white vinegar over the permanent marker stains. You may also use a cotton swab to apply this solvent. Allow it to sit for as long as required.

Method 3: Lemon Juice and Toothpaste

Try using lemon juice and toothpaste if the methods above are not an option for you. They’re readily available, and they’re in every home. This combination is extremely effective as a stain remover. Even this technique, which is popular to use on crayon stains, is quite successful.

However, in this case, take a tiny bowl and mix a few drops of fresh lemon juice with toothpaste. It’s a simple method to get ink stains out.

Now, cover the stain with an even layer and a little bit of it, and then massage it firmly. Allow it to sit for a while after rubbing.

Finally, use cold water to clean the cloth. These components make for one of the finest methods to remove Sharpie stains from clothes.


Permanent marker stains can be difficult to remove from fabric, as it really sticks to the fabric. But don’t worry, you can remove them using the methods described above.

If you notice any type of ink mishap, don’t hesitate to act. I hope that this post has been useful for you.