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Fresh by SpinXpress Order Terms & Conditions

In the event that an order was submitted incorrectly or if items are unavailable, we reserve the right to modify the order. We will make sure to notify you if there are any issues and provide you with an updated itemized invoice of your order.

What are the most common reasons we need to modify an order?

Adding a Bag to Your First Order

On your first order, you’ll need to purchase a laundry bag so that we can deliver your clothes back to you the Fresh way. Occasionally, this means we will need to add a laundry bag to your order. In these instances, we will let you know of the change and provide you with an itemized receipt of your transaction.

You’ll use this bag for all subsequent orders and will not need to purchase any additional laundry bags unless your future orders outgrow your bag!

Updating Your Dry Cleaning Order

If you accidentally submit an order with too many or too few garments, we’ll update the quantity for you and let you know of the change. Additionally, we offer an “other” dry cleaning item in the event that you need something dry cleaned that is not available on our app menu. We’ll update the cost based on the item and update you on the change.

You Change Your Mind

If you change your mind and request an upgraded or downgraded service, we will gladly modify your order to your laundry specifications.

Promo Code Credits

Occasionally, we create promo codes that will have UP TO a certain dollar amount. In the event that you order a service that does not utilize the entire credit, we reserve the right to modify the credit amount in accordance with the stated promotion terms.