Laundry Washer Dos and Don’ts: Wash and Dry with Machines

Isn’t cleaning a washing machine simple? Not always! It’s critical to understand how to use a washing machine correctly in order for your clothes to come out clean and fresh every time. So, whether you’ve just acquired a new machine or want some advice on how to get the most out of yours, keep reading for your comprehensive guide to the dos and don’ts of using a washer!

How to Use Your Machine to Wash and Dry Your Laundry

Washing Machine DOs

Separate colored and from whites.

Separating your clothes by color can help avoid color run disasters, so make four piles out of your weekly washes: whites, lights, darks, and delicate things. Check the clothing for stains after you’ve accumulated enough items in one pile to put them in the machine.

Check care labels.

Always check the care labels for washing instructions before putting your garments in the washer. These will tell you how to use your machine’s wash cycle and temperature settings.

Protect delicates by putting them in laundry bags.

To protect delicate goods like undergarments, tights, silks, and lingerie from catching on things in the washer, use laundry bags. If you don’t have a washing bag, a pillowcase will do the trick.

Put your detergent the right way.

To learn how to measure and utilize a specific detergent, read the packaging. As a rule of thumb, use these guidelines:

  • Put the right amount of detergent by measuring it using the measuring cup.
  • Pour the washing powder into the appropriate compartment of the detergent drawer (follow your owner’s handbook for exact instructions).
  • Before your laundry, place washing tablets in the detergent drawer or washer’s drum, as directed by your machine.
  • Laundry capsules are similar to washing machine tablets in that they’re easy to use. Insert one at the rear of the drum before your garments.

After you’ve finished washing your clothes, leave the washer’s door open.

Keeping your washer door open will help prevent mold and mildew from growing. This will avoid odor from developing.

Clean your washing machine.

If your washing machine isn’t clean, it won’t be able to do its job properly! To sanitize the machine and assist loosen odors, set the washer to a hot cycle and add a cup of white vinegar.

Washing Machine DON’Ts

Do not overload your machine.

Take extra precautions to avoid overfilling the machine, which can cause water to run out of the drum or clothes to get trapped in it. Make sure you leave enough space around your washing so that it may move about freely when it is being washed!

Do not leave items in your pockets before washing.

Before putting your clothes in the washing machine, check for anything like tissues or plastic toys in their pockets. Even a small piece of paper ruins your clothes.

Do not let fabric conditioners come in direct contact with your clothes.

Fabric conditioners should never be placed in direct contact with clothing, as it might stain them. Locate the compartment in the detergent drawer where the conditioner should be stored – it’s usually identified with a flower on the instruction booklet for your washing machine.

Do not add too much detergent to the machine.

If you use too much laundry detergent, it might leave residue on your clothing, and the soap won’t clean as effectively. It might cause both your machine and your clothes to develop a bad odor.

Do not let wet clothes sit for a long time inside the washer.

Keeping your wet laundry sitting in the machine for a long time may cause a mold build-up in your washing machine drum or even on your clothes. Remove clothing from the washer as quickly as possible after the rinse cycle has finished. Let your laundry dry naturally outside or in your dryer.

Do not attempt to repair any technical issues on your own.

Minor washing machine issues, such as a clogged water pipe, may be resolved by yourself with a little assistance from the washing machine’s instruction book. However, more serious problems, especially anything to do with the components or plumbing of your appliance, should always be handled by a professional. It involves your washer’s plumbing or electrical system.


The dos and don’ts of washing machine use are pretty simple – just be sure to read the instructions carefully, measure your detergent accordingly, and clean your machine regularly. Doing so will help ensure that your clothes get clean, stay fresh, and don’t develop any unpleasant odors. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be a laundry expert.

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