Four Little Laundry Tricks To Wash Blankets and Sheets Without Tangling

Handling small articles of clothing proves itself time-consuming. Even with a washing machine, there are still some extra steps you need to do before you can toss your dirty laundry in the washer, particularly, blankets and sheets. You need to separate your light clothes from the white ones. You also need to check if any of your clothes need special care before you wash, dry, and fold them.

As time-consuming as clothes are to wash, one or two pieces of blankets and bedsheets can be just problematic. You may be thinking, “At least it’s just one or two items”, there’s more to it than that.

Reason Why Blankets and Sheets Are Challenging to Wash, Dry, and Fold

Although going through a lot of dirty clothes while washing your laundry can be quite a straining chore, have you ever pulled out a balled-up tangled of sheets? This test of strength isn’t even the worst part! Once you untangle this massive piece from the dryer, you find out that it is dry on the outside and damp on the inside.

If your blankets and sheets are drying all wrong, then they may also be unevenly washed. This situation can be a problem since uneven drying or washing can lead to a bad odor. Fortunately, there are laundry tricks that can help with getting rid of bad odor. Nevertheless, uneven drying or washing must be avoided at all costs.

The Right Way to Handle Bed Sheets and Blankets

Uneven washing and drying is a common issue when it comes to large bulky pieces in the laundry. Here are some ways to avoid ending up with balled up blankets and sheets with damp centers:

Watch out for overloading.

Still being able to close your machine’s door does not mean it can handle that many items. Make sure that you are not going over the machine’s capacity. Your laundry should still be free to move. Overloading is an easier mistake to do with larger items like blankets and sheets. So stay aware of the space available in your machine.

Shake out your items.

Shaking out your items gives your sheets and blankets a headstart on the drying process. Never wrap sheets around the agitator — they’ll tear and wrinkle. When the sheets come out of the wash, shake them out before loading them into the dryer to keep them from getting tangled.

Fasten or secure the buttons on duvet covers.

Duvet covers are there to protect the fluffy feather- or fiber-filled duvet. Smaller items can disappear inside the covers if you don’t fasten the buttons on your duvet covers. As such, it is important that you secure the buttons on duvet covers. Know how to put the duvet cover back on correctly.

Sort your laundry by size.

Although this is another extra step in the sorting process, it helps not only your sheets and blankets but also your smaller items to be washed and dried the right way. Wash, dry, and fold large items together for best results.

There are a few ways to properly wash, dry, and fold bed sheets so they don’t tangle. Help prevent them from tangling with other clothes in the wash by following the tips from above.

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