Laundry Guide: How to Get Rid of Bad Odor

Sometimes, the bad odor on your clothes is clingier than your ex that cannot move on. The difference is you can file a restraining order on your ex if they won’t stop following you, but you cannot do the same for bad odor on your laundry. You need to wash, dry, and fold your clothes the right way if you want to get rid of the smell.

Laundry is already stressful without smelling foul. Not all laundry items are created equal, some have stains, some have discolorations, and even the clean-looking ones need some sort of special care! And now you have to deal with bad odor.

How to Wash, Dry, and Fold the Odor Away from Your Laundry

Bad odor can come from many different things. It could be from the bacteria that build up in your washer. It can be caused by mold and mildew that formed due to improper drying of clothes.

Here are some tips on how to get rid of bad odor from your laundry:

Take care of your washer regularly.

If you want clean laundry, make sure that your washer is clean too. Although washing machines are designed to clean your laundry, dirt and bacteria can build up inside it. 

If you fail to clean your washer, then the bacteria is eventually going to transfer to your clothes resulting in a bad odor.

You can clean your washer by using two cups of vinegar while letting the machine run an empty cycle with just hot water. Once the cycle is over, you can wipe down the inside.

Make sure to dry your clothes thoroughly.

You need to do your laundry properly– meaning you should wash, dry, and fold each item with care. Make sure that your laundry is completely dry– NOT DAMP– before you fold them and put them away.

Leaving your laundry damp will let mold and mildew form in your clothes, sheets, etc.

Vinegar and baking soda are your best friends.

Sure, dogs are still humankind’s best friend– but your pet Scooby cannot help you with your laundry blues. So when it comes to removing bad odor from your laundry, vinegar and baking soda are your best buds.

These two common household items are powerful odor fighters. Use half a cup of either vinegar or baking soda in each load of laundry and watch (or smell) the magic. 

Try other detergents.

If you clean your washer regularly and make sure that your laundry is dry before you put them away, BUT your laundry still has a lingering unpleasant odor then it is time to try a new detergent.

Sometimes the type of detergent affects how your laundry smells. How do you know which detergent to choose? There are many choices in the market, and this topic probably calls for a more detailed article, but here is the gist:

Look for a detergent that has odor-fighting agents. 

However, you need to keep in mind that some detergents may be too harsh for your clothes. So make reading a habit and check the ingredients. If you feel unsure, you can always use baking soda and vinegar to lift stains and prevent odors. Told you they’re your best friends.

Be mindful of how much detergent you use.

There are times when your detergent is fine, but the amount you use is not. You cannot always blame the things around you, so you need to check if you are still doing the right thing– by checking the instructions.

In some cases, you may be using too much detergent. If your rinse cycle isn’t removing all of the detergents, it may be building up and causing odor-causing bacteria to thrive. Use less detergent so that it is easier for your washer to filter it away during the rinse cycle. It only takes a small amount of laundry soap to sufficiently clean your clothes. Don’t overdo it. Add a stain-fighting agent if necessary.

  1. Wash Clothes in Hot Water to Kill Odor-Causing Bacteria
  2. When your clothes begin to develop an odor, using hot water will help to destroy the bacteria. Most types of bacteria can still thrive in warm water, so it’s important to use hot water for your wash cycle. Running your clothes through an extra rinse cycle may also be beneficial.

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