6 Things You Can Do With Laundry Lint

Laundry lint is probably the only thing you can add to that old list of inevitability (death and taxes, right?). But just because it’s inevitable doesn’t mean it’s useless. 

In fact, there are more uses for lint than you may have probably imagined! In this post, we’ll cover why you should skip throwing it out, and what you can do with it instead. 

#1: Fire Starter

Any avid outdoors person likely already knows this, but lint is great for starting fires! After all, dryers try to remove it to help prevent fires in your home — so why not use it responsibly for the thing it’s best at?

Next time you’re camping (or prepping your firewood stack for winter), remember to set some lint aside for a quicker light-up. 

#2: Makeshift Paper Towel

Lint is usually cotton-based, which means it’s a highly absorbent material. Even though it’s easy to pull apart, you can grab a bunch and use them for the same tasks you usually reserve for paper towels. Next time you spill something (or need to clean), use lint as an eco-friendly alternative!

#3: Stuffing For Pillows, Pet Beds, and Other Items

Again, lint is mostly cotton, which makes it a very soft and fluffy alternative to reinforce aging items that need a little help. If you’re into creating your own pillows, need to breathe some life into pet beds, or have old chairs that need some stuffing, lint is the perfect material to use. And as a bonus, you don’t have to go shopping when it’s time to re-stuff next time!

#4: Compost or Mulch

Since cotton is a natural material, it degrades well in a natural environment. That makes it the perfect addition for composts and mulch — since it will help provide certain nutrients to the soil and help prevent erosion. You’ll want to make sure you don’t put too much cotton into your compost, but consider it as an alternative to throwing it away. 

#5: Thread

This one may sound weird, but it makes sense when you think about it. Lint is a byproduct of the threads in your clothes, so why not spool it back into a thread? It will take some know-how and the right tools, but if you enjoy knitting (or other needlework hobbies) it’s a great way to save some money on your next project. 

#6: Art Project

It might sound weird, but there are quite a few creative ways to use lint as part of your next art project. It’s a lightweight, durable material that can be dyed, stretched, or manipulated as you see fit. It’s a cheap and eco-friendly way to make your art stand out!

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