5 Must-Have Items for Going to the Laundromat

It’s laundry day, and you’re ready to get some loads done. But before you head out to the laundromat, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need. To make it easy for you, here’s a checklist of laundry items to help your trip go smoothly. 


First and foremost, put your dirty laundry in a bag or hamper to help easily transport it over to the laundromat. You may even consider getting a hamper with handles or a bag with straps to help you carry everything easily. If you have multiple people in your household, it might help the sorting process if everyone has their own hamper. 


Of course, you can’t clean your clothes without your detergent. Detergents come in many different varieties, so be sure to check that you’re using the correct type for the machines at your laundromat.


Dryer sheets are crucial for preventing static cling and keeping your clothes soft. Bring along a few (or a whole box) so that you’ll have enough to put at least one sheet in each load you dry. 


Make sure you have enough quarters. (Or, if your laundromat has a change machine, make sure you bring the right cash.) In fact, bring a little more than you think you might need—you don’t want to find yourself stranded in-between cycles without a way to pay. Plus, make sure you have a bag or container to conveniently keep your quarters in as you go.  


Keep in mind that your clothes will be in the machine for a while. Bring along a book, video game, or other activity that will help the time pass quickly. P.S. Don’t forget your headphones if you need them. 

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