The Right Way to Wash New Clothes at a Self-Serve Laundromat

You need to wash your new clothes despite being– well… new. Many people have probably touched and handled the item before you finally bought it. Unless you are sure that the one you got is fresh stock from the shop’s storage– then you’d want to wash it. What is the right way to wash new clothes at a self-serve laundromat?

How to Wash Your New Clothes at a Self-Serve Laundromat

Should you separate your new clothes from your other laundry items? Is there a special way to wash your new clothes?

You do not necessarily have to wash your new clothes at a laundromat, but you have to admit that the availability of all the machines you need does make laundry day easier.

Here are the things you need to do when washing your new clothes at a self-serve laundromat or the comforts of your own home:

Remove the tags.

New clothes come with tags on them. It could be the price tag, the care instruction tag, etc.

Unless you want small fibers of paper all over your laundry or all over the machine at the self-serve laundromat, you should remove the tags on your clothes. But, you can keep them in case you need to return the item.

Check the washing symbol on the label.

Your piece of new clothing should have a label with a washing symbol indicating the manufacturer’s recommendations. Checking the washing symbol label is important since it contains the details of how to handle your new item the right way.

You want to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations if you want to prevent your clothes from looking dull or old.

Do not wash light clothes with dark clothes.

Separating the light-colored clothes from the dark-colored ones is a basic step when doing your laundry. This step should be observed more strictly when you are washing new clothes.

Why? Because new clothes are more likely to transfer dye than clothes you have worn before. New clothes are prone to bleeding. You do not want to risk turning all your white clothes pink because of your new bright red shirt. 

You do not necessarily have to separate your new clothes from your old clothes, but be mindful of the colors.

Make sure not to overload the machine.

As much as you want to finish washing your laundry as soon as possible, you should not overload the washing machine or dryer.

First of all, it can damage the machine at the self-serve laundromat. Secondly, it will surely damage some of your laundry items. If you just bought an outfit, ruining it on its first wash is not something you want to do. So, do not put on more clothes than the machine can handle.

Make sure not to overload the machine.

No matter what reason you may have in mind, do not put too much detergent in the washing machine. It will not make your clothes smell any better than when you put in the right amount.

Putting too much detergent forms too much suds which turns into residues that breed smelly bacteria and mold. You may get away from the responsibility of cleaning this up, but you need to be responsible when you’re using the self-serve laundromat facilities.

Your new clothes will end up looking dull and spotted because the excess detergent won’t be properly rinsed. Your new clothes may also feel itchy when you wear them because of the detergent residue.

Make sure to follow the instructions on the detergent packaging.

Be mindful of your wash settings.

As mentioned previously, you need to check the wash symbol label on your new clothes. It will help you determine the right washing machine and dryer settings for your new clothes.

Not following the instructions can lead to your new outfit’s untimely demise.

At the End of the Day

You should treat all your laundry items with the same care and dedication that you would with your new clothes. Your clothes can look new for a very long time as long as you take care of them the right way whether you wash them at home or in a self-serve laundromat.

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