Laundry 101: The Right Way to Wash Jeans

The process of washing your laundry is time-consuming and draining. However, washing your jeans is a whole new level of challenge.

Jeans are made of thick materials that are quite a chore to wash. Still, some people prefer to hand wash them to make sure that they don’t accidentally ruin their favorite pair of denim pants in the washer while some opt not to wash them at all– which is honestly unsanitary.

But what is the right way to handle your jeans anyway? First and foremost, don’t be like some people– wash your jeans! Washing your denim pants after every three to four wears is ideal. Now, how do you do this without damaging your jeans beyond repair?

Basic Guide to Handling Jeans the Right Way

Here is how to handle your jeans like a laundry professional:

Washing Your Jeans

Turn your jeans inside out.

You should turn your jeans inside out before putting them inside the washing machine. Doing this can help aggressive rubbing while your pants are inside the washer.

The tossing and turning in the washing machine cause abrasions that fade out your jean’s colors especially along the hems, pockets, and fly and waistband edges.

Zip up the zippers and fasten buttons.

Making sure that the zippers are zipped up and buttons are fastened prevents your jeans from grabbing or ripping other items in the load.

Use cold water and color-safe detergents.

Jeans are typically in dark colors like black or dark blue. If you want to preserve the color, then you need to be mindful of the detergent you are using.

Make sure that the brand you are using is formulated to preserve colors. You also want to use cold water on a short cycle.

Drying Your Jeans

Again, turn your jeans inside out.

You need to turn your jeans inside out before putting them in the dryer. Much like when you are washing them, the dryer can cause aggressive rubbing that can result in faded colors.

Make sure the dryer is in a delicate, low-heat setting.

If you want to prevent your jeans from looking old and worn down, you need to make sure that your dryer is set to a delicate cycle and low-heat setting. Or follow the directions on the care label.

Take your jeans out from the dryer while they are still damp.

Believe it or not, your jeans will stay in shape longer and better if you take them out of the dryer when they are still a bit damp. Just tug them into shape then smooth out any wrinkles before air-drying them.

This tip may not make your trip simpler, but it sure does make things easier for your wallet. Laundromats typically sell single-use detergent packs at double their original price. You are better off bringing detergent and other products that you bought off the grocery store. 

Expert Jean Care Tips

Laundry professionals understand what different textiles need, including your jeans. You can still let them know if you have any preferences especially if you have allergies, but they more or less know how to take care of each item in your laundry pile.

Now, you can take one step into becoming a laundry expert with these jean care tips:

  • Do not cram the washer and dryer full. You may be saving time, but you are not doing your clothes any favors. If you put your jeans in a jam-packed washer or dryer– it will have no room to move and end up ripping and snagging other clothes.
  • Spot-clean stains to lessen your jeans’ time in the washer and dryer.
  • Separate your light-colored jeans from dark-colored ones. This tip should be a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people think that it is okay to wash all their jeans in one load. You need to do this for obvious reasons– to avoid your dark jeans from rubbing off on your light jeans.


Washing piles of laundry has always been a draining chore and jeans are not exactly making the job any easier. However, washing your sheets and clothes (including your jeans) must be done. Following the tips above can help you do your laundry and successfully wash your jeans the right way.

If you want to skip all the steps entirely, you can always go for a laundry delivery service like SpinXpress. You can schedule the time of pickup and delivery on their website or mobile app. All you need to do is to book and then prepare your laundry for pick up and they will handle the rest.

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