How To Stop Pests From Eating Your Clothes

No one likes it when their favorite clothes start getting holes. Sometimes, holes form because the fabric has been worn down. Other times, it is because fabric-eating insects are infesting your home. Luckily, you can prevent bugs from getting into your home and damaging your clothes. 

Who Are The Culprits?

Clothing moths are a common pest that creates holes in clothing. While the adults are safe, the larvae will feed on clothing until adulthood. They are attracted to wet or stained clothes. There are three species of carpet beetles that you may deal with. These beetles like to feed on natural fibers such as wool and fur. You might not think so at first, but crickets have been known to leave holes in clothing. 

Preventing Bugs From Invading

While bugs that like to eat clothes are a nuisance, they are easy to manage. Spraying bug repellent may help stop bugs from entering your home and laying eggs. Here are some other tips that can help you prevent an infestation. 

  • Pay attention to hiding spots. These insects often hide in places that are not frequently used by people.  
  • Vacuum thoroughly to remove larvae. Make sure to vacuum rugs, carpets, wall hangings, and upholstered furniture. 
  • Inspect clothing regularly. Check valuable clothes and their storage space often. Vacuum the area and clean any shelves. 
  • Always keep your clothes free of any dirt or stains that may attract bugs. 

Stopping An Infestation

In case fabric-eating bugs have already invaded your home, remove the damaged clothing from the closet or drawer. As you wash each item, be sure to isolate them to prevent the pests from spreading. If you need to throw away any of your clothes, place them in a plastic bag. This will stop the bugs from hatching and laying more eggs in your home. If you see any insects that are known to eat clothes, then you can spray insecticide to get rid of them. Pest control companies are also an effective way of getting rid of an infestation. 

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