How To Care For Shoes

We use shoes every day, and they often make a massive statement about our personal fashion choices. With so much riding on these important wardrobe items, we wanted to spend a little time helping you understand how to care for your shoes with these tips:

Tip #1: Avoid Daily Wear

While you certainly have to wear shoes every day, that doesn’t mean you have to wear the same shoes everyday. In fact, we recommend avoiding that if you can! Even if you simply alternate your everyday wear shoes with another pair, you’ll find that they last longer, look nicer over time, and can possibly save you some money in the long term. 

Tip #2: Reinforce Shoes When You Can

Another trick to keeping life in your shoes is to reinforce the areas that see the most wear and tear. Taps and half soles add a little extra rubber to the bottom of your shoes, and can easily be added on for about $20 from your local shoe repairman. It’s a small charge for a significantly longer life out of your shoes. 

Tip #3: Clean Out The Inside

Another way to keep your shoes fresh is to clean out the inside with some rubbing alcohol, tea tree oil, or an antifungal. While we recommend that everyone should do this from time to time, you should consider it a weekly routine if you tend to have odor issues. 

Tip #4: Keep Leather Polished

For nicer shoes that have leather exteriors, a leather polishing kit is an absolute must. This will keep the material shiny, flexible, and comfortable much longer than if you simply let them wear. In fact, many shoes instantly gain new life from a quick polish! 

Tip #5: Get Them Cleaned Professionally

While polishing and cleaning at home are good steps to take, you should also take your shoes to a professional from time to time for some extra love and care. A professional will be able to breathe life into an older pair, and may even provide some repair services as well. 

Tip #6: Consider Your Storage

It’s best to keep your shoes in a cool, dry place, which for most of us means keeping them in the closet when we remove them. If you have a good way to organize them — such as cubbies, a shoe rack, or a shoe tree, then we recommend that as well. These will keep your shoes safe, dry, aired out (in case of a wet day), and a shoe tree also helps many types of shoes maintain their shape long-term.

Tip #7: Waterproof When You Can

Our final tip isn’t for all shoes, but it can make a huge impact on everyday wear (or even the occasional evening wear shoe). Waterproof them! Rain, mud, and other water hazards are impossible to avoid at all times, and can significantly impact the look and feel of your shoes long term. Waterproofing sprays (especially for new shoes) are a great way to extend the life of shoes and prevent water damage. 

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