Clothes Repair vs. Buying New – A Guide On When To Fix or Buy

Clothes repair can save you money when compared to buying new, especially if you can learn to do some simple repairs on your own. This article will cover when you should repair your clothing, and when you should buy it new.

First Of All: Can It Be Fixed?

When a clothing item tears, loses a button, or shreds in the washer, the first determination of whether you to repair or buy a new one is whether or not it is even possible to fix. Small holes, rips in seams, and missing buttons are all easy repairs. Pilling on your favorite sweater or dress pants can be fixable, as can broken zippers. Large holes or snags may not be fixable.

You can probably watch a couple of YouTube videos to figure out how to sew on your own button, but you may need to consult the help of a tailor with rips or other significant alterations. This will obviously add cost, which may factor into your decision.

Consider The Cost 

Alterations can cost serious money – sometimes more than the original clothing item, depending on what you need. In these types of circumstances, unless you have a strong sentimental attachment to the item, it may just not be worth the cost of clothes repair when it is cheaper to replace.

That being said, if it is your favorite blazer or a pair of pants, you might not care how much it costs to keep that item in your clothing rotation as long as possible. 

Consider The Quality

Another factor in whether you should buy a new or consider clothes repair depends on the quality of the item itself. If it is a cheaply made item that is likely to tear again, it probably isn’t worth the cost of fixing it – even if the repair and the associated cost are relatively minor.

Additionally, cheaper quality clothing is more likely to stretch or shrink over time, meaning you will likely love the fit less as time goes on. Since these types of items are less likely to remain staples in your wardrobe for some time, it is not likely that it is worth repairing them. 

How much do you love it?

If it is an item you rarely wear or one that no longer fits, the cost of fixing it is probably not worth it. However, if it is a clothing item you really love, that you would regularly wear if it were fixed, you should definitely fix it. 

Clothes repair can certainly save you money, especially if you are paying for repairs in the right kinds of situations. It can also help keep your wardrobe looking nice and help you hold onto your favorite clothing items longer. Additionally, it may also encourage you to invest a bit more in your clothing items, as you’ll feel confident that you’ll be able to keep them longer. 

There are times when it may not be possible to make repairs, or when the cost of the repairs is not justified – but any time you can pay for a minor clothes repair instead of buying a brand new item is likely a time where you can save some money. It’s just another way you can take care of your clothes this year!

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