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Probably, you’re one of the many people who are constantly wondering about ways to effectively prevent your clothes from fading. If you’ve ever held on to a shirt long enough, and you’ve constantly been putting it in the washing machine and the dryer, you’ve probably noticed that throughout the many washes, it has now started […]

If you love the feeling of a soft clean towel, like a small cloud at the palm of your hands, then fabric softeners will be your best friend. It is considered a staple when you are doing self-service laundry or even when you avail of a wash, dry, fold service from your preferred laundromat. Fabric […]

Handling small articles of clothing proves itself time-consuming. Even with a washing machine, there are still some extra steps you need to do before you can toss your dirty laundry in the washer, particularly, blankets and sheets. You need to separate your light clothes from the white ones. You also need to check if any […]