5 Tips to Remove Pesky Stains

Nothing ruins a good shirt like a stain, and you hate to just throw it out! 

With these tips, you don’t have to. As laundry experts, we’ve spent years experimenting to see what works when it comes to pesky stains. Use these four tips on your next laundry day, and look forward to wearing that shirt again soon!

1. Direct Detergent Application

When push comes to shove, it’s always a good idea to start with the detergent you normally use. Simply apply a very small amount directly to the stain and rub it lightly into the fabric. Wash as you normally would, and your stain should be gone. 

2. Vinegar Solutions

Many DIY brands recommend white vinegar as a cure-all for many stains, and they’re not wrong to do so. If you want to take it to a stain on your favorite shirt or pair of jeans, start by combining one cup of vinegar with a gallon of water. Apply the solution to your stain, then wash your clothes like normal.

3. Agitate The Issue

Sometimes, a stain may stick around because it’s not getting enough agitation in the washing cycle. Washing machines are designed to create a little bit of friction that removes stains, but it’s not always enough. 

In these situations, apply a bit of detergent pre-wash and rub the area lightly until you see it start to lift. Put it immediately in the wash, and your stain should take care of itself like normal. 

4. Use Specialized Detergents

Believe it or not, laundry detergent brands make specialized detergents for certain types of difficult to remove stains. For instance, you can usually find a detergent for protein-based stains from blood, eggs, milk, or similar items. You can also find enzymatic stain removers that dig deep into your fabric to help lift stain — so check your local supermarket a little closer next visit!

5. Bleach

While many people like to avoid the heavy-hitters, there’s a reason why bleach is still around. For stains on white clothes, a little bit of bleach goes a long way to lift pesky stains and keep your wardrobe fresh. 

Just make sure you avoid the colorful shirts in your wardrobe with this one. 

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