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Join the laundry revolution! With LaundryCat, you can maximize convenience and take control of your laundry payment operations with just a few taps on your smartphone. Installing the app is simple; once it’s downloaded from either App Store or Google Play store and you have an account set up, adding funds will give you complete power over when (and how) to do your washing – no more coins required. The phone acts as a mobile wallet so every cycle has its own automatic digital payment system without connecting any extra devices involved in transactions: washers & dryers communicate directly via wireless technology for quick access anytime.

Make life easier – get LaundryCat* now!

*LaundryCat available at some SpinXpress locations. Check with your local store to confirm availability.

Save Time Using the LaundryCat App

At SpinXpress Laundry, we understand how valuable your time is. That’s why our mission is to provide the most convenient laundry experience possible! With just a tap of a button on the free and easy-to-use LaundryCat app you can pay for and start your washers or dryers right away – no need for bulky laundry cards! We’ll even send an alert when it’s finished so there are never any surprises in store. Let us worry about doing your dirty work while you sit back, relax knowing that SpinXpress has got this handled from wash all the way through tumble drying done quickly and efficiently.

Here’s how it works:

Download the LaundryCat App Today

Forget about the hassle of carrying a laundry card! At SpinXpress Laundry, we make tackling your dirty piles easier with our innovative cashless laundromat and cutting-edge technology. With just one download you can take control of your entire laundry experience – welcome to the future of cleaning powered by LaundryCat* App.

*LaundryCat available at some SpinXpress locations. Check with your local store to confirm availability.

Spinxpress Spincard

1. Cash, Credit Card & Apple Pay

Load your laundry card from different types of payment options. 

mobile phone

2. Receive a notifications

Receive text notifications when your washer or dryer is done to help maintain social distancing.


You’ve never been to a laundromat like SpinXpress! We care about your experience and do everything we can to make sure your best laundry day starts here.

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